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Digital printer prints out the picture color is not bright, how to do?

The Digital printer prints the picture color is not bright how to do? Did you find there is no inconsistency in the pictures when using the photo machine? This is only an occasional phenomenon. However, the color of the photo machine is deviated. How to solve it? is the  problem of ink, the  problem of picture's color or the reflection of the sun? These considerable factors will lead to different colors. 

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If we can't solve the current problem with the menu button, we can solve it with the following method:

1. Check whether our peach color table has a wrong phenomenon. If there is a problem at this time, no matter the change, the inkjet color is not normal. We must pay attention to this detail.

2. Look at the vertical direction of our digital printing machine and whether the two-way is not adjusted to the best state. If there is no alignment, the color difference will appear.

3. Check if the gear of our inkjet printing machine is in a stable state in time. If there is looseness, a similar phenomenon will occur. At this time, we only need to re-fix it.

Sometimes our images are inconsistent in color and can be solved in a simple way. Just stop our homework on our photo machine, open our auxiliary menu, and make a slight adjustment to the color inside, but correct the quiet zone and then perform horizontal and vertical calibration. It's very simple.

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