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Wide format sublimation printer-seven points to improve the efficiency of it(2)

Regarding improving the efficiency of the wide format sublimation printer, I have already said three points yesterday, and I will continue to talk about it today.

Wide Format Sublimation Printer

4. Solve the phenomenon of color cast

If the color printed by your inkjet sublimation transfer printer does not match the color displayed on the screen, it indicates that the color cast is in the spray. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the software is not properly set up, either because the printer driver version is too low, or because the user has made some inappropriate settings in the print software settings. If you exclude the above reasons, you should learn to correct the screen display and the actual printing results. Different printing software, its specific  correction method is different, it is recommended that you open the printer option of common software when printing is normal, record the settings at this time. If you have any problems in the future, you don't have to worry about analyzing the reasons. You can solve the problem simply by reverting to the previous settings.

5. Pay attention to dust and regular cleaning

When the sublimation printer is working, the ink in the ink cartridge is coming out through the nozzle. After not using the printer for a long time, the ink around the nozzle will gradually dry up and solidify in the air, which will block the nozzle, and the ink will not come out when printing. In order to ensure the normal operation of the printer, it is recommended that you start the automatic cleaning function of the printer regularly and clean the nozzle of the printer to ensure that the ink does not dry up. The other is to pay attention to dust. When not in use for a long time, cover the printer with a dust cover, because dust will also block the ink head.

6. Do not drag the paper by hand during printing

Because the speed of the sublimation printer is not too fast, many people often open the front panel and speed the printing speed by manually dragging the printing paper to speed up printing. This approach is extremely wrong. The print speed is primarily related to the performance of the nozzle, not the speed at which the paper is rolled. Dragging the paper not only does not speed up the printing, but also damages the internal paper feeding mechanism, so that the nozzle cannot eject the ink at the correct position, causing confusion in processing.

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7. The ink cartridge is not used up, do not take it out

We know that large format sublimation printers use inductive sensors to detect the amount of ink in the cartridge. The sensor prompts to replace the ink cartridge as soon as it detects that the amount of ink in one of the colors is less than the value set in the printer. At this time, we can take out the ink cartridge and put it in immediately, and then through the cleaning button in the control panel, it can also be cleaned by the tool software that comes with the printer. Repeat several times and most of the printers are working properly. Remove the ink cartridge to reset the internal sensor of the printer to  determine the installation of a new ink cartridge. But be careful: don't do it in the off state. When the ink cartridge is not used up, it is best not to take it off casually to avoid unnecessary waste.