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Wide format sublimation printer-seven points to improve the efficiency of it (1)

When we are using a wide format sublimation printer, sometimes we find that the printer is extremely inefficient, so how can we increase its printing speed? This article will tell you.

Wide Format Sublimation Printer

1. Do not start the printer frequently

Sublimation printing machines are different from other printers. It is best not to let it start frequently. Because every time the printer is started, the printer cleans the print head and initializes the printer, charging the ink delivery system, which of course wastes some ink.In addition, if you press and hold the top Resume button for more than 2 seconds, the printer will also clean the printhead. Therefore, if the printer is out of paper, press the Resume button after loading the paper, it should be faster than 2 seconds.

2. Choose the appropriate print mode

Sublimation printers offer several print modes, and different print modes consume different amounts of ink. If you just print ordinary files, I suggest you use the "economy print mode". This mode saves half the ink and greatly increases the printing speed. Of course, if you want to pursue print quality, you can only choose other print modes.

3. Learn to use ink

Generally, do not use non-original ink cartridges because most of them have sponges. Non-original ink cartridge sponges have a large amount of dissolution, and the stainless steel filter used in the ink outlet does not meet the requirements, which is likely to cause nozzle clogging.

Sublimation Printer

The inkjet sublimation printer should be set to save state when using the ink cartridge for the first time. The number of sheets that an ink cartridge can print varies depending on the type of print you set when you first use it. If the ink cartridge is set to the photo mode when it is first loaded, and actually only plays a few photos, the program will often calculate more ink usage. If the start is to save the state, the program may calculate less ink usage and display ink with a margin when the ink is actually drained.

Focus on what you need to print as much as possible. Today's sublimation printers support page layout to print files. Using this method to print, you can concentrate the contents of several sheets of paper on one page and print them out. Combining this and economical modes when printing proofs saves a lot of ink. It should be noted that this function is not only set to save ink, for example, when you want to print the cover of a book, it is also very useful.