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Dye Sublimation Ink-How to Judge the Quality of it?

Dye sublimation ink is one of the necessary consumables for printing on a sublimation printer. In addition to the stability of the machine when purchasing a piezoelectric printer, the quality and true and false of the ink directly affect the print quality of the printer, which also affects the service life of the nozzle.

Therefore, sublimation printer inks must be carefully selected, not to be cheap, if buy inferior ink, damage to the machine will not be worth the loss (recommended to buy piezoelectric printer manufacturers original ink, because their ink is after long-term testing, and machine models and The nozzle is perfectly combined). To distinguish printer ink quality, you can start with the following aspects:

J-Next dye sublimation ink

1. First of all, it is ink safety and environmental protection: high-quality ink requirements are not flammable and explosive, and the impact on the human body should be reduced to a minimum.

2. The stability, lightfastness and weather resistance of sublimation dye inks are also important. The principle of sublimation printer ink is to distribute the dye evenly in the aqueous solvent. Some inferior inks are only cheaper due to the selection of raw materials, the pigment particles are different in size, the suspension system is unstable, and the temperature changes with time. There will be stratification and precipitation. Reaction to the inkjet printer will cause precipitation in the ink tank, ink cartridge, ink tube and nozzle ink chamber. The direct result is that the ink supply is not smooth, the amount of ink ejected from the print head is not uniform, affecting the picture, and the nozzle is blocked when severe, so that the life of the oscillating crystal is extremely shortened. Generally good inks do not need to be shaken or shaken with ultrasound before use.

KIIAN dye sublimation ink

3. Excellent color gamut expressiveness: Sublimation digital inks have many hues in color, and various hues produce different gamut effects. Trying to choose the color that reflects the maximum color gamut and local consumer preferences is also one of the main factors in choosing ink.

Above are some recommends to help you choose the high quality sublimation inks that suitable for you, hope it would be a help.