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Digital fabric sublimation printer-6 points analysis and solution of its fault

With the continuous research and development of printers, digital fabric sublimation printers have gradually become the main machine in the advertising industry. The advantages of the inkjet printing machine are high precision, reaching more than 1440 dpi and long life of the nozzle, which is almost one year or more. With the continuous improvement of the technology of photo printing and printing equipment, it has become very convenient for the advertising of large-size and multi-type media, and the photo machine is widely used in the advertising industry. However, the printer will also malfunction during use, what faults will occur? What should we do?

Digital Fabric Sublimation Printer

1. If the machine is turned on normally, but the computer does not work after outputting data, and the "*" on the panel does not flash. 

It is possible that the data cable connected to the computer and the dye sublimation printing machine is loose. At this time, the data cable can be reconnected, and then the data cable pin is bounced or replaced.

2. If ink drops or ink leaks during printing.

There are two cases: air leaks at the nozzle and pin. The nozzle and the pin can be padded and the air in the ink tube can be exhausted. There is too much ink in the nozzle, and the ink in the nozzle is preferably 20ml~30ml.

3. If there is a stain on the printed image or it is difficult to open it, two colors will appear on each other.

It may be that the medium is too bad or has been damp, as long as the medium is kept dry or the medium is replaced. If the ink quality is too bad, replace the ink. The amount of ink in the machine is too heavy, reducing the amount of ink discharged from the machine.

4. If the flying ink or the image is punched out.

It may be that the ground wire is not connected, and the correct ground wire can be installed, if the sublimation transfer printer's quiet zone or color is not calibrated, you only need to calibrate. Operation method: auxiliary function menu -> "calibration menu" -> "color quiet zone menu" -> "color quiet zone test". After printing out the test strips, select the relatively neat values of the three thin line pairs of the four colors to save. The key to solving the flying ink depends on the installation height of the nozzle. The nozzle is installed too high to fly the ink when printing. Do not install more than one coin in the fifth generation, and no more than 2 coins in the 5113 head.

Sublimation Printer

5. After the nozzle is cleaned, the ink breaks when printing.

It may be that the ink supply system has air, and the amount of ink generated is insufficient. It is necessary to check various components and interfaces such as ink cartridges, ink tubes, ink stacks, ink bags, and nozzles.

6. Often check the waste ink bottle, found full and timely.