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The Importance of Sublimation Piezoelectric Printer Variable Droplet Technology

In the printing process of sublimation piezoelectric printers, the controllability of the ink dots directly affects the effect of the picture; therefore, the importance of the variable ink drop technology of the sublimation printer is self-evident.

The variable drip ink technology of digital sublimation printer surpasses the traditional thermal foaming inkjet printer. Due to the limitation of the printing principle of the thermal foaming inkjet technology, the ink is heated on the printing head during the printing process, and then the ink is expanded to form ink bubbles, and then the heated bubbles are squeezed out through the nozzle to form a printing. The size of the ink droplets cannot be effectively controlled, so the thermal foaming printer is not accurate in printout.

sublimation piezoelectric printer

Whether the inkjet technology can effectively control the size of ink droplets will directly affect the accuracy of the image of the printout screen, the overall screen effect and the color quality of the printed screen. Thermal foaming technology can easily damage the nozzle and make the stability of the machine worse.

However, the application of piezoelectric inkjet technology has greatly improved the printing and printing output precision of the wide format sublimation printer, and greatly improved the size control of the ink droplets by the printer. Because the piezoelectric inkjet capability is stronger, the shape of the ink droplet particles is more regular, the positioning is more accurate, and the printing resolution is improved, and high-precision printing is easily realized.

sublimation piezoelectric printer

Micro-piezoelectric inkjet does not need to be heated, the ink does not undergo chemical changes due to heat, which reduces the requirement for ink and prolongs the life of the printhead. Due to the continuous and stable temperature, the viscosity and surface tension of the ink remain relatively stable during long-term continuous printing, ensuring consistency before and after the quality of the printed product, and the uniformity of reproduction of the reprinted color of the customer.

Therefore, the development of the variable ink drop technology has enabled the subliamtion inkjet printer to develop higher printing precision, especially in the effective control operation printing of the ink dot by the piezoelectric ink jet technology, the printer high-precision print output is more effective in definition.