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How To Pick Out The Best Quality Photo Paper

If you are layman in photo printing, you will be never know how to select good quality photo paper ,so you mabye be upset about the precedure of pick out  high glossy photo paper,RC photo paper,printable adhensive paper,matte coated paper,etc.Brightness, weight, caliper, and finish are certain cirteria when you are tell and pick the photo paper,and it is also the important characteristic.

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The opacity is the factor we should take into consideration when we select the photo paper.the less the printed text and images will bleed through to the other side of it. So, examine how transparent is the paper! If you are thinking of double-sided printing then give special emphasize on this point.


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In addition,Brightness of photo paper is relevant to the quality of pictures.What is the most important is that there are many different levels of whiteness or brightness. Technically brightness is judged as a number from 1 to 100; and a height of 90s make good quality photo Paper. To determine brightness simply compare two or more papers side-by-side. Along with these factors, give importance to other points like weight of the paper and their finishing.