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Eco-Solvent Printing Machine-How Should We Correct the Printed Image Size?

The high-definition image printing of eco-solvent printing machine is more and more popular among users. However, due to the difference of the selected inkjet paper media materials or the precision of the machine printer during the inkjet printing process, the image of the inkjet printout will be easily caused. Deviation from the actual design size, the problem of shortening the image after printing, these are the common faults in the printer's inkjet drawing size.

Epson eco-solvent printing machine

First, according to the different materials selected by the printer, set the compensation correction.

The high-precision printing of eco-solvent inkjet printer supports different inkjet paper media printing. For example, common adhesive materials, inkjet materials, canvas, lamp, soft film, etc., however, the printer selects different materials in the inkjet printing process, and the weight and surface roughness are different, so printing The resistance of the medium advancement is also different, and the running speed of the ink nozzle of the printer nozzle is the same, so the compensation correction is needed during printing, and the step parameters of the outdoor banner printer equipment are adjusted according to different materials; therefore, the offset value is required when the printer prints out the image. The correction, that is, the machine step parameters are carefully adjusted according to different materials.

Epson eco-solvent printing machine

Second, the size of the image changes by the printer RIP software when importing pictures

We should pay attention to ensure the correct size when designing and outputting the image. When importing images using the relevant RIP software, be careful to keep the original size of the image unchanged, and avoid changing the actual size of the image due to the reduced image size during import.

Third, the printing media retractable problem

In the inkjet printing process of the digital inkjet printer, the problem of retracting and printing the printing medium is to rewind the material in advance at the position of rewinding and unwinding, and reduce the resistance of the web advancement. Secondly, the new roll material is often thicker and more resistant. It is necessary to relax the material in advance and reduce the media feed resistance. In the process of printing and printing out the picture, at the beginning, the material is thicker, the resistance is large, and the phenomenon of shortening the picture is easy to occur, which causes two phenomena of shortening and lengthening. This kind of failure has a great relationship with the tightness of the material.