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Wide format dye sublimation printer-the reason why the picture is blurred

Sometimes the pictures printed by wide format dye sublimation printers will be very imaginary and ambiguous. What is the situation? What caused it? In fact, in the process of long-term use of large format sublimation printing machines.

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printer

There may be some minor problems, and the most common factors causing the inkjet printing machine to falsify are:

1. The temperature will also have an impact on inkjet sublimation printer, whether it is digital printer or ink will be affected by its environment temperature, so the inkjet printer work environment temperature must be moderate, generally around 20 degrees.

2. If there are air bubbles in the ink cartridge or the ink tube, it will also cause the picture to be blurred.

3. The problem of ink viscosity, so the viscosity of the ink must be adjusted before printing.

4. The problem of the nozzle, if the nozzle is blocked, it may cause the printing of the digital sublimation transfer printer to be blurred.

5. May be because the ink is not compatible, it is recommended that users use the original ink of the inkjet printer. Because the ink composition of different manufacturers is not the same, if the use of chaos will not only cause the image to be blurred, the situation will be serious, which will damage the nozzle.

Inkjet Sublimation Printer

There are so many reasons for the falsification of the large format inkjet sublimation printing machine. As long as you check it carefully, you will find out the reason. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that while using the printer, we must also do a good job of maintenance, so that the printer can run for a long time.

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