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Sublimation printer- the relationship between print speed, accuracy, and pass number of it

When buying a sublimation printer, although the maximum print speed and the highest print accuracy are the standards for measuring the quality of the printer. But after knowing the larger format sublimation inkjet printer, you will know that the printing speed of it will be affected by the printing accuracy at that time. The higher the accuracy requirement, the lower the printing speed when printing.

Sublimation Printer

For the some Chinese dye sublimation printing machine is generally 2pss and more, because the single pass represents the nozzle car does not move its printing will have limitations, single pass machine belongs to the custom model I will not elaborate. Today, taking the domestic inkjet printer and textile printing machine as an example, and to explain the relationship between the printing speed, accuracy and the number of passes!

There are different pass numbers behind different printing modes, and the corresponding printing accuracy and printing speed are also very different. 2pass is the smallest print mode in the printer, which means that the car prints back and forth to complete a part of the pattern. Therefore, the printing accuracy is inevitably not high. Generally, the highest score in the printer is only 12pass. In fact, the 6pass is already in the ultra-high definition mode. The printing accuracy of 4pass and 6pass in the advertising inkjet is enough to meet more than 95% of the business needs.

In addition, the pass parameter is also related to feathering and stepping. The feathering is mainly for fault tolerance. Different pass numbers are generally printed together with different feather, which can eliminate the pass channel in multi-pass printing mode, corresponding to no feathering, small feathering and big feathering.

When the feathering cannot eliminate the stepping error, the corresponding pattern of the horizontal or vertical pass channel will appear on the printed pattern, that is, the regular deep and horizontal printing. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the horizontal or vertical stepping to solve the problem. When different printing speeds of different precisions meet most of your needs, you can consider buying a printer.

Dye Sublimation Printer

When different printing speeds of different precisions meet most of your needs, you can consider buying a dye sublimation transfer printer. The textile printing industry generally does not require high printing accuracy, and can pursue speed more. After-sales service and machine stability are additional considerations!