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Jersey sublimation printing machine-does wet weather have any effect on it?

In the working environment of the jersey sublimation printing machine, the influence of the wet weather on the use of the printer and the spray drawing needs to be noted. The following is a note for the user to share the use of the wet weather, you can refer to it.

Jersey Sublimation Printing Machine

The impact on the normal use of sublimation transfer printers or other related electronic products is very large under humid and rainy weather conditions. For example, the related electronic components of the printer, the operation, the consumables, the medium, and the image image after printing the image are dried quickly.

1.The use environment of the inkjet sublimation printer should pay attention to moisture

For example, the main body of the photo machine should be covered to prevent the air from being wet and cause short circuit of the relevant circuit board and components. (If the resurgence lasts for a long time, the printer should be turned off as little as possible and kept on. At the same time, be careful to use the relevant hair dryer to blow off the circuit board before starting the machine. You can use the warm air to blow, but the humidity should not be too high). Close the doors and windows to avoid letting the outside humid air enter the room. If the air conditioner is installed in the printer workspace, you can turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify. In addition, if the floor returns to the tide, it is generally difficult to completely dehumidify. It is recommended that you can spread some newspapers, discarded books, carton paper and other water on the ground, so that it can absorb water and dehumidify, and can also be non-slip.

2.The speed of drying the image on the media after printing out

In the rainy days, the air humidity is high, and the color of the photo frame is dry and slow, especially for large-scale color images such as red and black. It takes a long time to completely dry. The user can use a hair dryer, a machine heating dryer, etc. for local heating to speed up the rapid drying of the image, but pay attention to the hair dryer should not face the image of the dry image.

3.Printing paper media material storage should pay attention to moisture

The use and storage of digital sublimation printer materials should pay attention to moisture protection. Many users do not pay attention to the storage of materials, and often stack them at random. There is a lot of water in the air, on the ground, and on the walls. The photo material is mainly composed of a coating on paper and paper. The paper and the coating are very suitable for adsorbing moisture and damp. The wet photo material is very likely to cause the ink to spread out, which is also the usual ink. The printed image will be clear with scattered small edges. Therefore, for the storage of photo materials, please pay attention to the original packaging after each use, placed on a special shelf in a suspended manner, do not touch the ground and the wall, which can effectively prevent the media from being affected by moisture.

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The above three points of attention, in the humid climate environment must pay attention to the use of the inkjet sublimation printing machine, I hope that can help you.