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The Importance of Large Format Sublimation Printer to Equip with Dryers

When large format sublimation printer is printing on sublimation printing, the ink on the surface of the paper that has just been printed is not dry. If it is rolled up directly, it will inevitably touch the ink, and the printed image will be blurred. This time you need to use the printer's heat dryer.

mimaki large format sublimation printer

Wide format sublimation printer dryer, as its name suggests, is the printer supporting equipment for drying. The printer dryer is mainly used to dry the printed output images to help the output images dry as soon as possible and improve printing efficiency. The current working mode of the inkjet industry has the characteristics of “personalization, small batch, and urgent order”, and the dryer plays a positive role in the effective operation of this mode. The dryer can speed up the drying speed of the screen, effectively avoiding problems such as blurring and blurring of the screen for a long time.

Mutoh large format sublimation printer

Sublimation digital printer need a heat dryer especially in cold weather.As the weather gets colder and colder, the temperature gets lower and lower, and the drying speed of the printed image is greatly affected. At this time, the dryer comes in handy. Especially in the case of large quantities and urgently demanding orders, the dryer can quickly dry the image, which can greatly shorten the printing cycle and improve the efficiency of inkjet printing.

Different styles of dye sublimation printers are equipped with corresponding size dryers, printing and intelligent drying system together, that is, ready to dry, there are 6 kinds of adjustable temperature, you can choose. The superior print quality of the printer is combined with the prompt and rapid drying effect of the dryer, making the inkjet printing more convenient, quick and worry-free.