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High density sublimation ink-is there a good way to save it?

Nowadays, inkjet printers and high density sublimation inks are becoming more and more popular in the advertising inkjet industry, but because inkjet is relatively "squeezing" and usage is "very particular", so if you want to work effectively for yourself, Some of these operations must be mastered. Here are some ways to save ink.

High Density Sublimation Ink

1.Print as centrally as possible

When using a printing machine and heat transfer sublimation ink to print, the worst thing is to print it every few minutes. If you need to print a lot of things, it is recommended to focus on what you need to print together. Because the printer cleans the print head and initializes the printer every time it is started, this process wastes ink, so try not to start the machine as often as possible.

2.Clean the print head properly

Most print devices automatically clean the printhead when turned on, and have buttons to clean the printhead. Manual cleaning should be carried out according to the procedures in the operating manual.

Pay attention to the following points when cleaning the print head:

(1). Do not use sharp objects to clean the nozzles, do not hit the nozzles, do not touch the nozzles by hand.
(2). Do not disassemble or install the nozzle under the state of electrification. Do not touch the electrical contacts and the surface of the nozzle on the nozzle with your hands or other objects.
(3). The nozzle cannot be removed from the printer and placed separately. Do not place the nozzle in a dusty place.

4. Adjust the color of the screen appropriately

When some pictures are printed, 100% of the inkjet sublimation printing ink of 4 colors may be used, which causes the ink to be discharged too much, and the picture print is not easy to dry, and the ink is wasted. In this case, the screen can be appropriately modified, and the amount of ink discharged from the machine can be reduced by reducing the CMY color to ensure the necessary color.

Sublimation Ink

5. Minimize the frequency of cleaning

In the process of using the device, the inkjet head is often clogged, causing many reasons, such as the working environment of the machine, the quality of the ink, the idle time of the machine, and so on. Since a large amount of ink is consumed each time the ink jet head is cleaned, the number of times the ink jet head is cleaned should be minimized. Of course, when using the machine, care should be taken to use the ink of the model specified by the machine manufacturer.