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Sublimation Paper Printer-Four Factors That Determine Printer's Performance

To evaluate the quality of a sublimation paper printer, it is mainly to look at its comprehensive performance. The so-called comprehensive performance mainly includes four aspects of stability, speed, accuracy and consumable cost of a machine. Of course, in addition to the performance factors of the machine itself, we must also consider external factors such as machine price, brand and after-sales service. When a customer chooses a printer, it is absolutely impossible to have a particularly prominent defect in the performance of the machine. Next, we will introduce the four performance factors of the printer.

Mimaki sublimation paper printer


The so-called stability refers to the number of failures of dye sublimation printers. The lower the general failure, the higher its stability. This is also the most important point to evaluate the quality of a machine. If the stability of a machine is poor, even if it is fast and accurate, it is difficult to become a famous brand machine. Customers will also be very troublesome when using it, even affecting the operation. There are many printers with excellent speed accuracy, and finally, they have withdrawn from the market due to poor stability.


The speed is self-evident is the capacity of a digital sublimation printer, which directly affects the sales and costs of investors. At present, for large printers, the speed is 50 square meters per hour is a basic requirement. Machines below this speed have become more and more difficult for customers to accept. At the same time speed is also the embodiment of the value of a machine. The price of one machine is 20% lower than the other, but since the speed is only 60% of the other, it is expensive.

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Accuracy is an important factor in determining picture quality. The general market view of accuracy is that the higher the accuracy, the better the quality, but this is not absolute. The quality also includes the color and the presence or absence of streaks (that is, the PASS road). When the precision is high to a certain extent, people can't see it with the naked eye, that is, it loses its meaning, so we say that the higher the precision, the more Ok, but it doesn't have to be endlessly high.

Consumable cost

This refers to the price and consumption of ink and other consumables for large format sublimation printers. Usually, a four-color machine consumes 13 milliliters per square meter and a six-color ink machine consumes 22 milliliters per square meter. If the consumption of consumables is too large, it will also increase the printing cost.