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Calender heat press-why said the drum is a core component of it?

For the pursuit of low-cost sublimation transfer printing, calender heat press is a best choice. Because the heat press machine adopts high temperature, high pressure and full oil technology, the machine running clock is high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, it is extremely important that the roller transfer printing machine can operate safely and stably.

Calender Heat Press

Different sizes of drums, the width of the transferred fabric is different, the drums of different diameters, the transfer speed of heat press transfer machine will be different, the larger the diameter of the drum, the faster the transfer speed. The length of the drum is slightly smaller than the width of the flower cloth, so that the color paste and the fabric are not wasted when the flower cloth is transferred. Generally, the circumference of the drum is equal to the integral multiple of the upper and lower dimensions of the unit pattern. If there is any excess, it should be carried out by the lathe. The number of the car depends on the size of the drum when engraving. The drum is reduced once per car, and the circumference of the cylinder is reduced by about 1.5~. 2.5mm. The old cylinder can be used after the depth car of the old pattern carving is removed, and when the circumference of the flower tube reaches about 350mm, it can no longer be used. For each design of rollers, the circumference of the requirements should be consistent, the error should not exceed 0.1mm, and the precise geometric patterns are required to be higher, otherwise the flowers may be inaccurate. After the cylinder is finished, repair the surface sand hole by hand first, and then put on the grinding cylinder machine with medium coarse grindstone water mill, and then use fine, hard smooth stone water mill to make the surface of the cylinder smooth and clean, grinding the cylinder, can not be touched by hand, for use later.

Heat Transfer Machine

The quality and material of the drum have a great influence on the plate making. The material of the drum is generally copper-zinc alloy (containing 97.5%~98% of copper, 2%~2.8% of zinc, containing less than 0.2%), and the hardness should reach 78-84HB. Generally, the circumference of the drum is 4.2-446 mm, the drum is hollow, the inner diameters of the two ends are different, and the inner diameter is tapered. the end of the inner big diameter is big head, the end of the inner small diameter is small head. The roller is mounted on the tapered shaft of the transmission part, which is exactly  consistent with the inner cavity of the cylinder. There is a key pin on the drum, and the key slot of the shaft stem must be aligned when installing the drum. The drum is the core component of the roller printing machine. The appearance of the drum passes through the lathe, grinding, etc. The iron spray of the exterior of the roller printing machine is mainly used for anti-sticking. Teflon has certain environmental requirements. If the drum is not properly maintained, it will cause the appearance of Teflon to fall off.

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