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How to Use Water-Based Sublimation Ink to Reduce Printing Costs

Water-based sublimation inks have a lot of skills in terms of use. If combined with the daily maintenance of the printer, it can save a lot of maintenance costs and reduce the loss of the nozzle, thus reducing the overall cost.

First, talk about the skills in dye sublimation ink storage. The storage environment of the ink should be consistent with the environment in which it is used, which should be noted in harsh weather conditions. This is because the environment and equipment requirements are relatively strict when using equipment and ink.

KIIAN water-based sublimation ink

In winter and summer, most companies have a lot of difference between warehouse temperature and workshop temperature. Therefore, it is often the case that the ink that has just been taken out of the warehouse is not used. Very smooth phenomenon, sometimes even unable to work properly, affecting work efficiency, goods appear to be scrapped. The best solution in this case is to take the ink to the environment a few hours in advance and wait until the ink temperature reaches the required level.

Second, we must pay attention to avoid bad habits when using sublimation tranfer ink. There are a lot of printer manufacturers in order to reduce the working capital, try to use up the ink before ordering the next batch of ink. This method is actually reducing the operating cost of the company, but it also brings a drawback.

Kiian water-based sublimation ink

This has to be said from the perspective of ink manufacturing. Because inks are chemical products, it is well known that even if the chemical products are perfected and the inspection is strict, it will inevitably lead to batch instability. It is for this reason that ink manufacturers of even larger scales are not willing to guarantee that each batch of ink produced by them is stable. Therefore, the above-mentioned method is very easy to cause the ink to break due to the problem that a certain batch of ink cannot be sprayed normally, which not only affects the production but also easily drains the customer.

In view of this, the correct approach is to be able to prepare more digital sublimation inks in stock, at least to ensure that the ink is not used enough until the next batch of ink arrives. In addition, the newly sent ink should be used immediately on the machine to determine whether the new ink is easy to use. If there is any problem, replace it with new ink. If there is no problem with the new ink, the old ink should be used up first, in case the old ink is out of shelf life.