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Eco-Solvent Signage Printer-How to Save the Ink Use in Daily Printing

I believe that many friends who use eco-solvent signage printers have faced a problem: The ink used in the printer is too fast. If the indoor machine is used, the price of the water-based dye ink is not expensive, but the price of the ink used outdoors is generally higher. If the workload is large, or the performance of the machine is unstable, it is easy to malfunction, and if it needs to be cleaned frequently, the ink consumption of the printer will be even larger.

So how can we reduce the amount of ink used in the printer's usual work?

Epson eco-solvent signage printer

Some eco-solvent printer users will encounter a situation where the ink of the printed image is always not smooth enough when the ink is stored for a period of time, and occasionally there may be different shades or broken lines. This means that there is a problem with the structure inside the ink, which makes it very easy to cause the printed image to be invalid and unusable. This happens because the storage environment of the printer ink is too different from the temperature of the environment in which it is used.

Nowadays, many users cherish the outdoor banner printer very much. When working, the printer is also cooled by air conditioning, and the temperature in the warehouse is hot. When the temperature difference is too large, the internal structure of the ink will change drastically.

Epson eco-solvent signage printer

There is also a case where some printer users buy one or two bottles, or each color of one bottle each time they buy ink. In fact, this is not a good habit, because for ink manufacturers, no matter what kind of ink There is no guarantee that the ink performance of each batch is exactly the same. There is a certain gap between the performance of different batches of ink. If the gap is not large, if the gap is very large, once the image is used, the color of the image printed by the printer may not be biased. Then the whole bottle of ink can't be used, and the ink waste of this kind of problem is very large.

Therefore, when the user purchases ink, it is better to purchase a larger amount of ink in the same batch, so that at least the same batch of ink performance can be ensured, and there is no big problem. As long as the ink can be used well, it is indirectly saved. The amount of ink consumed.

These suggestions are analyzed from the external environment of the ink. In the process of using the eco-solvent advertising printer, there are many operational details to save the use of ink. This requires the user to slowly explore and learn more.