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Roll to roll uv printer vs eco-solvent printer, what are advantages of former?

Roll to roll uv printer has become the application of advertising inkjet multi-functional printing equipment. Under the application of UV light-curing printing technology, UV printer can print colorful patterns on a variety of materials, further expanding the application field than traditional eco solvent printers.

Roll to Roll UV Printer

What are the advantages of the UV roll to roll printer over the traditional eco solvent printer?

1.The UV printer is more compatible than the eco solvent printer, the printing function is more powerful, and the application industry is wider.

The UV roll to roll ptinting machine uses a UV-curable ink printing application technology. The UV-curable ink has better media compatibility than the eco-solvent ink, which can support the media surface adhesion of different materials. Since many materials need to be coated when the eco-solvent ink is printed, the printed product without coating is easily faded. The uv ink can be directly used to print many materials, without any coating treatment, simple, convenient and practical. Therefore, the compatibility of ink with more different printing media determines that the UV printer can be applied to more different industries.

2.UV printing is better than eco solvent printing

The UV-cured print pattern is more realistic than the eco-solvent ink print pattern, and the color is richer, with a concave and convex effect and a three-dimensional effect.

3.The printing pattern of UV printer is fast drying, good color adhesion, and durable pattern

The pattern printed by the ordinary eco-solvent printing machine than uv inkjet pritner must be dried by the platform heating, drying fan or dried naturally for a long time. The surface of the pattern color ink is dry and slow, especially in the rainy and humid climate, in order to ensure the adhesion of the pattern, it takes a long time to wait for the pattern to dry. However, the UV printer uses UV curing printing, which can achieve fast print output, that is, print the pattern immediately and dry it immediately, no drying, no waiting, fully meet the high-intensity production requirements of the industry. Moreover, the adhesion of UV printing on the surface of the medium is longer than that of the eco solvent ink, the adhesion of the pattern on the medium is good, the surface is resistant to abrasion, and the waterproof and sun protection, than the eco solvent printer print output of the pattern screen is more suitable for outdoor environment.

UV Printer

UV photo-curing printing technology for the application of the printer, can make the traditional printer function more powerful. Both the printing technology and the printing application have made the UV printer a new star in the industry and a universal web media printer for inkjet printing.