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Popular Way Of Mug Printing---Sublimation Photo Mug Printing

Have u ever heard sublimation photo mug printing,do u know it has become a trendency in the printing industry,which is also a strategy to promote your business and products,that is to say,you can take advantage of sublimation mug printing made by sublimation paper and heat press machine to make profit.With the sublimation printing,you can customize your kid's mug is by acquiring the mug printed with completely with colored or black & white photo to it.


sublimation transfer paper

Photo mug printing is a innovative idea for those who want to sublimate their lovers or family onto the mugs ,which can keep their beautiful memory forever.The practice of adding photo printing on mugs may appear as a bit mystery, but if you see just how easy and interesting the sublimation procedure is, they will want to create it all by theirselves!

sublimation mug printing process
Donot worry about the procedure of sublimation photo mug printing.It is very easy.Of course,you can use black & white or even full color, printed artwork on the type of mug chosen by you.
The photo printing on mugs or photo mug printing doesn't fades, develops scratches, or gets peeled off with several washes. The design and the artwork will stay forever, that is the magic of sublimation printing. To have a personalized photo printing on mugs, you will need to personalize your mugs yourself with photo mug printing. The photo printing on mugs is done using a special sublimation coating, inks, sublimation paper, heat-resistant material, water, and a sublimation heat press.

sublimation photo mug printing

In brief,sublimation photo mug has been a personalizedof the most famous and customized photo recent years. When your friends or family have birthday or in some special day,you can use it as souvenirs or as promotional photo mug printing items.