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The sublimation heat transfer ink flow is not smooth, how to do?

The sublimation heat transfer ink is the key to sublimation printing, and the quality of the ink directly determines the printing effect. Nowadays, many domestic printers using Epson's five-generation nozzles, and at the same time, there are many problems with printer. If the fluency of the printer after adding ink is poor, a short line will appear after printing for several tens of centimeters. Today, I will analyze the reasons and solutions for the poor fluidity of the ink:

The dye sublimation inks used in sublimation printers are now water-based dye inks, which generate bubbles during the process of refilling. Because during the process of pumping, the pump draws the ink together with the air bubbles in it. You can start to check the nozzle and print the picture after seeing the ink out. At this time, because the bubbles in the ink are not completely discharged from the ink, there will be some small bubbles in the ink due to the pressure. During the printing process, bubbles will gather at the nozzle as the ink is ejected. Many small bubbles form a large bubble, blocking the nozzle at the formation of gas plug.This causes a disconnection of the ink after printing for a while during printing. This situation is easy to occur when the ink has just been changed, or when the new machine is installed.

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Solution: Fill the ink into the ink tank, let the ink out of the nozzle and place it for 20-30 minutes before printing, so as to maximize the removal of small bubbles in the ink and minimize the chance of gas blockage.

How to deal with air leakage:

1. Inspection method: After injecting 25 ml to 30 ml of sublimation printer ink into the nozzle, suck out the air in the pipe. Install the nozzle, and then put the nozzle higher than the car inverted after three seconds, there will be bubbles in the nozzle to rise. If the bubble rises slowly , it is normal; If it keep rising and does not stop, it can be judged as installation mouth leakage.

2. Air leakage phenomenon: the air bubbles do not go inside the nozzle when the picture is sprayed; Bubble backflow; Serious ink accumulation in nozzle hole; Contact with ink; Break ink when painting.

3. Treatment method: The above phenomenon is that the installation hole leaks, and it may be that the installation force is too strong, caused the nozzle installation hole is broken. You can use the middle hole of the bicycle inner tube to fit the nozzle mounting hole and tighten the ink needle.

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