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Sublimation Transfer Printer-How to Improve Its Printing Speed?

Sublimation transfer printers require routine maintenance and there are many techniques for maintaining printers. If you usually pay attention to maintenance, you can make the printer more durable, and can also improve the printing speed of the printer. Here I have summarized the essence of some methods, I hope to help everyone.

Epson sublimation transfer printer

1, Improve print speed and print quality

Do you want a digital sublimation printer to print faster? Very simple, if it is a USB interface, generally can guarantee normal printing speed. If it is a parallel port, please set it to ECP mode in BIOS and print driver, I believe that it can obviously feel the improvement of printing speed.

2, Prevent paper jams

The sublimation inkjet printer paper is easy to get stuck, especially the printer that uses the friction feed method, and can't make too thin paper like the needle. Here we mainly discuss the handling method after the paper jam: a very simple and practical method is to stop printing immediately, put the adjustment rod that adjusts the thickness of the paper in the maximum position, and then gently pump it outward. If it is to be dry, it is easy to damage the printer nozzle. At the same time, we need to learn the lesson, do not put the paper with wrinkles or cracks on the surface to print on the inkjet printer.

Epson sublimation transfer printer

3, Prevent the print head dry tips

Here is a very practical little experience to provide: dye sublimation printers in the northern region because it is particularly easy to use quick-drying ink (not used for two or three days) to cause plugging, and it costs a little money. The key is to have emergency work on hand. The best way is to soak a clean sponge and put it on the print head before work, because it will naturally evaporate water, and the water in the nearby air is saturated, so the ink on the print head is not so easy to dry, even for a week. Do not move or block.