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Sublimation Printer Ink-What Should We Do If Ink is Not Flowing Smoothly?

Sublimation printer inks are water-based dye inks designed to large format sublimation printers. Many Chinese brand printers now use Epson's five-generation nozzles(DX5 print head), so most of our customers will use compatible inks for Epson DX5 head.

If the printer adds water-based sublimation ink and finds that the ink is not smooth, or if the pattern is intermittent after printing for several tens of centimeters, what is the reason? Today, I will come to analyze with you the reasons and solutions for the poor fluidity of the ink:

J-next sublimation printer ink

The inks used in sublimation printers are all dye sublimation inks, which generate bubbles during the process of refilling. Because during the process of pumping, the pump draws the ink together with the bubbles in it.

You can do the print head detection and start printing the image when you see the ink coming out. At this time, because the bubbles in the ink are not completely discharged from the ink, there are still some small bubbles in the ink due to the pressure. During the printing process, bubbles are collected at the nozzle as the ink is ejected. If the small bubble becomes more and more, a large bubble will be formed, and the print head is clogged because the bubbles form a gas blockage, which causes a disconnection of the ink after printing for a period of time during printing. This situation is likely to occur when the ink has just been changed, or when a new machine is installed.

Kiian sublimation printer ink

Solution for solving ink clogging:

Fill the sublimation printing ink into the ink tank, and wait the ink fill the print head, then place the printer for 20-30 minutes before printing. This will remove the small bubbles inside the ink to the maximum extent and reduce the chance of air blockage. lowest.