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How to prevent led uv flatbed printer from jetting deep and shallow lines

Led UV flatbed printer s are used more and more various industries such as advertising production industry, ceramic tile industry, decoration and decoration industry, etc., the application field of the UV inkjet printer is expanding. Many manufacturers have spent great efforts to develop new skills in UV inkjet printers, and seek to find the biggest breakthrough in market competition. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages, and things are not absolutely perfect. UV inkjet printers often encounter some faults during the inkjet process. A good company can be forward-looking about the development of things. They know that the problems caused by UV printers after a long period of operation are inevitable, but they can be effectively prevented.

Led UV Flatbed Printer

In the process of inkjet printing, the UV inkjet printer sometimes sprays deep and shallow lines, which causes many reasons for this phenomenon. The most important thing is that the maintenance work of the UV inkjet printer is not done well, and the maintenance of the nozzle is not taken seriously. The following are the precautions that have been sorted out and summarized in the UV-jet printer jets, which are expected to bring benefits to customers.

If the UV printer nozzle is not well maintained, it will clog and affect the UV inkjet printer. For example, UV inkjet printers spray deep lines, such as some long-term unused ink cartridges, we can store them in the ink cartridge to prevent nozzle clogging. The print head plays a large role in the internal structure of the UV inkjet printer. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the UV inkjet printer printhead must be taken seriously. The UV inkjet printer must avoid the mechanical collision and vibration during the printing process.

During the printing process of the UV flatbed printer, occasionally there is slight blockage, lack of strokes or colors, or the image is blurred at high resolution. What the enterprise customers need to do is to use the nozzle cleaning provided by the printer. The program is used for cleaning work. The daily maintenance work of the UV inkjet printer needs to be taken seriously, otherwise, it will cause a series of problems such as breakpoints, broken lines, blurred colors, and color confusion. When you add compatible ink for the first time, you should spray it more than half continuously, and then fill the cartridge.

The choice of ink cartridges should be cautious. The use of inferior ink cartridges often causes the nozzle of the inkjet printer to be clogged. The quality of the printed image is seriously affected. What is more serious is that the entire UV inkjet printer prints flaws. Therefore, the ink cartridges must be of high quality.

The nozzle equipment of the UV digital printer is the same size as the dust in the air. The floating dust often blocks the nozzle of the UV printer, so the environment of UV printing  must be clean.

The quality of the ink largely determines the quality of the image printed by the UV printer and also affects the life of the nozzle. Whether it is the original ink of UV digital printer or compatible ink, these are basically high-quality inks, which can basically meet the printing needs of UV digital printers.

The UV printing machine nozzle is also very particular about the use of compatible ink. If you want to replace the nozzle with new compatible ink, you must ensure that the original ink is completely used up. Then set aside for 24 hours, and perform a machine self-test before the future use process. If the result of the self-test waveform test is not bad, it means that the compatible ink can be used with confidence. In order to make the nozzles better adapt to the new compatible inks, the long-term choice of compatible inks must be the same brand.

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Summer is hot, UV inkjet printing machine is best to avoid working in high temperature outdoor environment, high temperature is easy to rust the components and nozzles of UV printer. Also, pay attention to the environmental temperature difference of the UV inkjet printer operation indoors. The UV digital printer contains a large number of engineering plastic parts. Once the ambient temperature changes too fast, the engineering plastic parts will rapidly expand and burn the parts of the UV inkjet printer. It is very large, and the change in the size of the slender nozzle aperture can also seriously deteriorate the print quality.

If the UV inkjet printer frequently cleans the nozzle and fills the ink, the nozzle still has a blockage phenomenon or the UV inkjet printer prints out the effect very poorly. The UV inkjet printer does not run smoothly. The best advice is to ask the UV inkjet printer professional maintenance personnel. It is not possible to disassemble the nozzle by itself, otherwise, the precision parts inside the UV printer will be seriously damaged.