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Digital Sublimation Printer-Reason Why Printer Main Board Burned Out

The digital sublimation printer motherboard is a relatively expensive accessory inside the printer. What should we pay attention to when performing routine maintenance on the inside of the printer? Let's take a look at the following.

Mutoh digital sublimation printer

There are several reasons for the mainboard burning in the sublimation inkjet printer. The main reason is that the circuit line should conneted to the nozzles is not connected to; or the voltage is too high, the stable voltage is not maintained at 220 voltage, causing burnout; the printer itself cannot supply power. Adjusting the voltage causes the machine to short-circuit and burn the motherboard; the electrolyte inside the machine cannot break down some inferior ink, causing the burner to burn out and causing the motherboard to burn out.

Is there any good solution for how to avoid large format sublimation printer burning motherboard?

The first is to find a professional printer technology team to maintain the entire machine for us; the second, printer should be used to maintain a stable voltage; the third, select good quality ink.

Epson digital sublimation printer

So how do you choose good inks for your dye sublimation printer?

1. Determine the acidity and alkalinity of the printer ink. For example, some printer metal parts will be corroded when it comes into contact with ink. Therefore, it is recommended to use neutral pH printer ink.

2. Identify the fluidity of the ink. Buy some trial ink in the air and let it stand for a month to see if it has serious particle problems, you can distinguish its fluidity.

3. The problem of the surface tension of the ink is also a factor. The better the fluidity of the ink, the smaller the tension of the ink, and the finer the printed lines.