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Wide Format Sublimation Printer-The Role of Heating System In the Printer

There are 3 switches on the back of our wide format sublimation printer. The above of the switches will be marked with how many watts are heated before, how many watts are heated in the middle, and how many watts are heated in the end. Some customers are very confused after reading it. The sublimation printer is not a thermal foaming printer,it should not be necessary to heat it. In fact, the heating system is not used for printing the above, but for drying the printed product.

Epson wide format sublimation printer

The preheating of the heating system of the large foramt sublimation printer is located inside the alloy under the nozzle, the middle heating is outside the front heating, and the last heating is the outermost alloy. Since the image ink that has just been printed is not yet dried, if the heating system is turned on, the ink can be quickly baked and dried without being spread out for a long time.

Here, we sublimaiton inkje printer manufacturer remind each printer customer: the printer heating system is not set to the higher the power, the better,but there is a limit-If the power is too high, the temperature is also high, it is easy to cause the medium to bake or the case where the ink is baked and discolored. Of course, if the power is too low, the temperature will be too low to dry the ink.

Epson wide format sublimation printer

In addition, it should be noted that if the customer has sufficient budget and can provide a drying fan for the digital sublimation printer, the cooling effect can be achieved with the cold air drying fan accessory. When the heating system is fully open and the cold air dryer is turned on, it can realize the efficient operation of the printer to use the delivery to take off the paper while printing, completely ignoring the humid and cold weather changes.