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Heat transfer press machine-what are the steps for installing its blanket?

The heat transfer press machine will be worn out due to the loss of the blanket during the production process. The original blanket cannot be used when the blanket is replaced. Because the blanket is directly installed on the surface of the roller if the quality of the blanket is not good, it will directly affect the normal operation of the roller heat transfer machine.

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The installation of rotary heat transfer machine blanket bias adjustment is the latter process of the overhaul process, which mainly includes the following work: Quality inspection and acceptance of blankets, whether the blanket is running smoothly, After installation, whether the blanket is fixed properly and does not runoff.

1. Whether the staff of the blanket installation is professional and the personnel operation is standardized.

2. Rotary heat press machine blanket installation, generally use the following two methods.

(1).Fix the blanket on the surface of the drum, pass the shaft through the blanket and clamp it in the fixing groove of the blanket. Rotate the blanket tightness ring to adjust the looseness of the blanket so that it can pass through the other shaft. Then tighten the screws to secure the mechanical shaft and check the width of both sides of the blanket.

(2). The calender heat press must be kept level during the blanket installation process. The machine-level method can use the other side of the base bolts 1 and 2 of the base to place the required height plates, such as h, b2, b3, and b4.Then level with the level on the upper surface of the base. Then use a level instrument to level the upper surface of the frame, and tighten anchor bolts 1 and 2 when the frame is horizontal in both vertical and horizontal directions. After the anchor bolts 3 and the readings on both sides of the pad, use the same method to level, after leveling and then tighten the anchors 3 and 4, the base is installed. This method is a three-point leveling installation method at the construction site S.

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After the machine blanket is installed, it is usually a test machine. The new blanket will have a slight deviation. After several times of setting, it will be fine.