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Digital Printing Machine-Summer Comes,How to Maintain Print Heads?

The digital printing machine nozzle consists of a small nozzle and an inkjet hole. If the dust particles in the air enter the digital printing process, the nozzle will be blocked. Such as dust, small debris entering the nozzle, nozzle clogging, it is easy to soil the ink nozzle panel, and eventually lead to inkjet defects. Summer is coming, the temperature rises, and the dust in the air increases, which will affect the work of the printer. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the daily maintenance of the printer, we should do the following:

Mutoh digital printing machine

Digital inkjet printer nozzle maintenance

If the nozzle needs to be idle for a long time, then we need a professional nozzle maintenance method and procedure.

1. Clean up residual ink stains according to the operation instructions on the digital printing machine;

2, thoroughly clean, use detergent nozzle;

3. The nozzle is treated with a special nozzle care agent.

Mutoh digital printing machine

Digital Inkjet printer nozzle cleaning

1, Cleaning software: wide format printer automatic cleaning maintenance function drive

2, Draw ink: ink in the initial position, extract about 5ml of waste ink, to prevent the rebound of the inner syringe hose, resulting in the nozzle color mixing phenomenon, the ink in the drying process, due to the digital seal nozzle is not tightly sealed Printing failures can be done by gently pushing the nozzles and nozzles to ensure a good seal.

3,Clean the ink: move the cartridge car, take out the ink bag, use the nozzle needle of the cleaning fluid hose and the ink column to connect to the appropriate pressure, back to the nozzle and perpendicular to the horizontal line.

4, Print cleaning: use the printer's own nozzle cleaning function, use the color graphics block printed by vector graphics software to eliminate nozzle clogging, and then reinstall the original cartridge.