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Piezo Sublimation Printer-How to Deal with Static and Ink Leakage Problems

Nowadays, there are many brands of piezo sublimation printer. With the improvement of users' professional knowledge, more and more people are aware of the key role of printer consumables in terms of machine life, performance and printing effects. Choose to use original supplies for printing.

Epson piezo sublimation printer

Large format printers are mainly used in office areas, and their print quality is related to various factors such as environment, temperature, humidity, medium and ink supply system. This is also a well-known aspect. In the actual application process, users must pay attention to the problem of ink leakage and static electricity in sublimation printers. Today, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of sublimation printers, I will analyze them specifically. I hope to help everyone!

How to prevent printers from leaking ink

Leaking ink is a very big problem when printing on dye sublimation printers. To prevent this from happening, the first thing to do is to understand why it leaks. There is always a part of air in the ink cartridge of the printer. If the ink is filled with too much ink, the pressure inside the printer nozzle and the airtightness of the ink cartridge will be destroyed, so that the air pressure adjustment function will not work. The temperature inside the ink cartridge will gradually rise, so that the internal air pressure is greater than the external atmospheric pressure, and the ink will be ejected from the print head, which causes the ink to leak.

Epson piezo sublimation printer

How to prevent static electricity

There are many people who will ignore the problem of static electricity. In their opinion, this is not an important aspect. Some customers even ask if they can avoid grounding. In fact, this view is completely incorrect. The large format sublimation printer is a kind of sophisticated mechanical equipment and precision electronic products that embody modern technology. It is also one of the machines that are easy to generate static electricity. The generation of static electricity not only causes damage to the print quality and the printer, but also has an impact on human health.