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How to Make Sublimation Textile Printer Run at High Speed?

Whether the sublimation textile printer can operate efficiently is affected by various details. The details determine success or failure. If you don't do preventive work, you can't let the piezoelectric printer function properly. Next, Sublistar printer manufacturers will share the three tips for making the printer work efficiently.

epson sublimation textile printer

1. Printer accessories rail maintenance

If the guide rails of the sublimation fabric printer are not maintained for a long time, there may be a pause in the printing of the ink cartridge, and a beeping sound is generated, which seriously affects the normal printing of the printer. So we need to wipe the rails every day.

First wipe the dirt on the rails with a clean cloth or a non-depilatory paper towel; then wipe the rails with a clean cloth or paper towel with a little sewing machine oil; the printer starts the test, at this time the cart will move back and forth several times, inside the rail slider The dirt will remain on the rails; repeat the above several times until the paper towel is wiped with no dirt.

Mutoh sublimation textile printer

2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the grating strip

Don't underestimate the raster strips of digital sublimation printer. If the grating strips are not maintained, it will cause garbled printing.

The main function of the grating is image positioning, which is located under the white flat cable aluminum alloy bracket. If the printing is ghosted or misplaced after starting the machine, the grating is too dirty. At this time, use a cotton swab to pick up the alcohol solution and wipe it on both sides. Do not wipe it repeatedly.

3. Printer belt maintenance

The belt is a very important accessory for the large format sublimation printer. If the belt conveyor is not maintained, it will squeak and even the belt will break, which will directly affect the efficient operation of the printer. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the debris in the printer's belt groove, or remove it and wash it with detergent.