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Sublimation printing machine, how to clean up the blocked nozzle of it?

For the sublimation printing machine, sometimes the user will find that the printed text or image is broken, the color is distorted, the writing is blurred, and sometimes it is impossible to print.Such a failure often occurs because the nozzle of printer is blocked.For example, if the printing machine is left for a long time, the excessive evaporation of the water causes the ink to dry out, or the chemical reaction occurs due to the mixing of different inks, so that the printing machine nozzle cannot work normally, and it needs to be repaired.

Sublimation Printing Machine

1.Use the driving tool to clean the nozzle

If the nozzle of sublimation transfer printer is not very clogged, it can print normally, but the printed document is inferior to the previous one (such as the unclear part of the text or the partial color of the photo, etc.), if you don't want to do, you can use the application tool that comes with the printing machine driver to clean the printer nozzle.In general, most inkjet printers come with an ink cartridge cleaning tool.The utility model uses the application tool of the printer driver to clean the nozzle,its advantages is simple and quick operation, and the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal. Finally, if you feel unsatisfied, you can click the “Calibrate Print Cartridge” button in the “Print Toolbox”, then click the “Calibration” button in the window that appears, and then start to calibrate the print cartridge. After the calibration, you will find that the print quality will be further improved.

Sublimation Printer

2.Manual cleaning the print head 

The inkjet sublimation printer printout will cause problems such as broken lines, white lines, color casts, etc.However, there is still ink in the ink cartridge, and the nozzle is clogged and needs to be manually cleaned.First of all, remove the ink cartridge in the printing machine, you will find a similar integrated circuit on the bottom of the ink cartridge. This is where the nozzle is located. Prepare some warm water at 50 °C ~ 60 °C, pour warm water into a clean and transparent cup. Then immerse the nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge in water for 10~30 minutes.It should be noted that as long as the part of the nozzle is immersed in water, do not put the entire cartridge into the water.After soaking for 10~30 minutes, remove the ink cartridge from the water, dry it out with moderate force, and the nozzle part will shake out some ink. Use a napkin to blot the ink from the nozzle of the ink cartridge, and install the cleaned ink cartridge back. The cleaning process of the ink cartridge is cleaned. Finished, and finally use the printing machine to print the test, compare the cleaning effect.Sometimes the photo machine is not used for a long time, some users directly put the ink cartridge outside, which is easy to  cause the nozzle to clog.And the internal ink is also dry, and it is impossible to printed at this time, so it requiring "special" treatment.Prepare 95% alcohol, a clean cup, a disposable syringe.Connect the plastic tube of the disposable infusion set to the ink supply port of the print head, place the head of the print head in the alcohol with a concentration of 95%, and suck the alcohol into the syringe needle through the print head. After inhaling several times,the printing head with serious blockage can be cleaned.