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Direct Sublimation Printer-The Development Prospect in the Advertising Industry

What is the development prospect of the direct sublimation printer in the advertising industry? Nowadays, there are more and more propaganda methods for manufacturers, and the propaganda methods that manufacturers can use are more and more extensive. In a broad sense, manufacturers can use newspapers, banners, etc. to carry out multi-angle and multi-faceted publicity. The market prospects for selling or selling sublimation printers as investors are very broad and worthy of investment.

direct sublimation printer applications

Especially nowadays, there are many kinds of printing and dyeing modes, and the printing and dyeing technology is developing rapidly. The direct inkjet printer is used for printing and advertising, and the cost is low, but the effect is very good. Therefore, direct spray sublimation technology is favored by more and more advertisers.

Sublimation direct printer, also known as the flag printer, its general characteristics:

1.Medium and high transmission design: rubber shaft transmission, flat shaft and unique medium and high transmission design, can print extremely thin fabrics such as silk, continuous printing is not easy to wrinkle.

2.Dual-energy printing: prints banners and other fabrics, and can also print sublimation paper.

3.High-precision printing: Japan's original Epson 7th generation 5th generation print head and special control system, high-precision printing, resolution up to 1440dpi.

4.Inkjet printer architecture: the mechanical part is more stable when the machine is working continuously.

5.High cost performance, zero investment risk: investment is only tens of thousands of yuan, can produce a variety of direct printing digital printing of flags, fabrics, textiles, etc., wide use, high profits.

Oric direct sublimation printer

When investing in the flag machine, the manufacturer must first understand whether the manufacturer of the flag machine is qualified. Because there are many manufacturers of flag machines, many manufacturers have changed the banner printer regardless of the needs of consumers, resulting in many problems in printing and dyeing. For example, only one side can be printed or the printing paper is very strict. This situation is very detrimental to the sale of the flag machine. Therefore, manufacturers should choose the first-class printing and dyeing technology when investing in the flag machine, and the banner machine with printing and dyeing can be purchased and sold. Only in this way can the benefit be maximized.