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When Moving Outdoor Inkjet Printer-What Should We Pay Attention To?

Outdoor inkjet printer is currently the most commonly used advertising inkjet equipment in the advertising material printing market. Due to its large size, it is not subject to random replacement after the selection of a good place, but due to the place change or for other reasons, we sometimes also need to carry the outdoor printer to other place.

Roland outdoor inkjet printer

So, what do we need to pay attention to when we carry outdoor banner printers? What can we do to better protect the printer from damage during handling?

First of all, before we move the digital advertising printer, we need to turn off the printer power. Remember to avoid moving the outdoor printer under power-on conditions. Otherwise, it may cause a short circuit and damage the machine.

outdoor inkjet printer application

Secondly, it is necessary to disassemble the main body of the eco-solvent printer and the external equipment and parts related to the rack, the nozzle, the ink supply bottle, etc., after a simple cleaning, properly packaged and transported together with the printer. It should also be noted that the main body is preferably packed with anti-collision and anti-pressure materials, and other accessories should be packaged accordingly, so that you can better carry it out, and thus avoid the various parts of the machine damaged during the handling process.

The above probably introduces some basic operating methods in the process of moving the printer, I hope it would be a help for everyone here.