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Dye Sublimation Printer-What Are the Advantages of Piezoelectric Inkjet Technology?

For dye seublimation printer,everyone should know that thermal foaming inkjet technology has dominated the large format inkjet printer market for many years. In fact, piezoelectric inkjet technology has revolutionized inkjet technology and has been used in desktop printers for a long time. With the improvement and maturity of technology, large-format piezoelectric inkjet photophones have also appeared in recent years.

dye sublimation printer

As the name suggests, the principle of sublimation printer thermal foaming is that a small resistor is used to rapidly heat the ink, and then bubbles are ejected. The principle of piezoelectric inkjet is to use a piezoelectric crystal to impact and oscillate a diaphragm fixed in the print head during operation to eject the ink in the print head.

From the above principles, we can see the advantages of piezoelectric inkjet technology in large-format inkjet printer operations: compatibility with more inks.

The use of piezoelectric nozzles of sublimation textile printer allows for a more flexible selection of inks of different formulations. Since the thermal foaming inkjet method requires heating of the ink, the chemical composition of the ink must be accurately matched with the ink cartridge. Since the piezoelectric inkjet method does not need to heat the ink, the selection of the ink can be comprehensive.

dye sublimation printer

The best way to demonstrate this is the application of pigment inks. The benefit of pigment inks is that they are more resistant to UV rays than dye inks and remain outdoors for longer. It can have such a characteristic because the pigment molecules in the pigment ink tend to aggregate in groups. After the particles synthesized by the pigment molecules are irradiated by ultraviolet rays, even if some of the pigment molecules are destroyed, there are still enough pigment molecules to maintain the original color,which is very suit able for outdoor large format printer.