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Full Sublimation Printer-Precautions When Replacing Printer Ink

Full sublimation printers often use different inks. Because different inks have different chemical reagents and different solution compositions, and there are certain differences in chemical composition and color system composition, so when we change inks for sublimation printers, we need attention to the following aspects:

Roland full sublimation printer

1. If you replace sublimation inks of different brands for digital sublimation printers, especially those with large differences in composition, please clear the original ink inside the printer, then clean the pipeline with cleaning liquid or pure water, otherwise due to the chemicals in the ink, there is a possibility of a chemical reaction that blocks the nozzle.

2. Users who use large format sublimation printer must empty the air when filling the ink. Otherwise, the nozzle may be burned, the life of the nozzle may be reduced, or the nozzle may be damaged, or the ink line may be broken.

Roland full sublimation printer

3. After the new ink is used in the sublimation inkjet printer, the head and the ink need to have a fusion time, and the test strip breaks in a few hours as a normal phenomenon; If there is no ink, or after a long time of use, there is a phenomenon of ink breakage, which may result in insufficient ink (less than two-thirds) or too much (enrichment) in the ink bag. It may also be caused by the presence of air in the pipe, or too much ink on the scraper and waste ink pad; in this case, we need to manually empty the pipe air and process the ink bag, and then clean the dirty parts.

4. The printer should print the test drawings every day to keep the nozzles moist. When the machine is shut down for a long time, it should be turned on once a week to ensure the smooth flow of the ink pipes and the wetness of the ink heads.