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Large Format Inkjet Printer Print Head Replacement Precautions

The nozzle of the large format inkjet printer is an important part of the printer. When replacing the nozzle, you must pay attention to the correct replacement operation mode, otherwise it will easily cause the newly replaced nozzle to be blocked or even scrapped.

oric large format inkjet printer

Nozzle replacement mode

The human body itself is the largest electrostatic carrier. When replacing the nozzle of digital printer you should pay attention to first discharge the static electricity that you bring, otherwise it will be easy to burn the nozzle circuit when replacing. Before using the new nozzle, 20ml-25ml ink should be added to the nozzle. The speed during the filling process should not be too fast. Otherwise, it will easily cause a large amount of air bubbles in the ink to prevent the ink from flowing into the ejection chamber, so that the heating element in the nozzle cannot be cooled normally and the nozzle is burned(You can choose to use a larger injection).

After the ink is injected, the ink in the pipe is first drawn out of the pipe to prevent the ink from flowing back. Then, the nozzle is installed, and then the air in the nozzle is drained by the ink absorber to wipe the ink overflowing from the nozzle. If there is ink outside the nozzle, it may cause short circuit of the circuit behind the nozzle. If the air is not drained in the pipeline, the nozzle will be burnt and the service life of the nozzle will be affected.

oric large format inkjet printer

Nozzle pumping method

When the user handles the ink head of inkjet printer, the force of the ink is not too large, but the syringe is gently pulled, and then released, the ink head is higher than the syringe, so that the ink slowly flows into the heating chamber of the ink head, and the air in the heating chamber is removed. This ensures that there is no negative pressure in the ink head heating chamber, and the ink can be smoothly sprayed onto the screen.

Ensure that the ink head contacts are clean

Before you work on a digital inkjet printer, you must check whether there are ink drops on the contacts behind the ink head. If there are ink drops, there will be a regular broken needle when spraying the picture, and even affect the other three good inks. head. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the phenomenon: to ensure that the contact cable is clean, do not make ink on the contacts of the contact cable. If there is ink, it will cause the above phenomenon, you can wipe it with paper in the case of shutdown.