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The Definition Of Dye Sublimation Printing

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In recent years,there is a new way of printing designs onto fabric, paper, glass, and other media has come into popularity. It's called "dye sublimation".The Process "Sublimation" is the name for the chemical process when a solid object is changed into a gas, without first becoming a liquid. Like the name suggests, dye sublimation relies on this chemical process, using a heat press to change the solid ink from a design into a gas. Once the ink turns gaseous, it is fused to the garment it is being pressed with, leaving behind a clear, photo-quality design.

What do we need prepear for dye sublimation printing?

1. A dye sublimation printer

2. Sublimation transfer paper

sublimation transfer paper


3. Photo processing software, installed onto your computer (such as Adobe Photoshop)

4. A heat transfer press 

5. A digital camera and/or scanner to transfer designs onto the computer for printing (optional)

dye sublimation printing
Safe and Efficient In addition to being easier to use, dye sublimation printing is also less wasteful and more eco-friendly than other printing methods. The dye- based inks used in the process are safe to handle, and unlike the regular dyeing process, it uses no water and causes no contamination. Dye sublimation printing produces no waste, aside from the recyclable paper the designs are printed on.