Oric M3200-UV6/UV9 3.2m UV Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Print Heads

HEAD : Ricoh GEN5/GEN6 Print Heads 

INK : UV Ink 
COLOR : C/M/Y/K/LC/LM+W+Varnish

  • M3200-UV6/UV9
  • ORIC


With LED UV curing technology, ORIC uv series printer are mostly competitive in the market which characterizes with excellent quality, high stability and easy operation. Environmentally friendly UV ink meets international environment standards. With multilayer printing to build layered effect. Wide applications in light box posters, customized car stickers, background wall cloth, golden paper and silver paper printing, leather printing, high-end gift box printing, food packaging printing,Label printing, operation panel & switch printing etc.Oric Printer

Oric Printer

Oric Printer

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